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6 Traits Buyers want their Agents to Have

Technology has changed many things, including how educated homebuyers are when they begin the real estate process. This is why it is important to give clients what they want as their realtor. Amy Chorew, Vice president of platform development at Better Homes & Garden Real Estate, has identified the 6 traits that homebuyers most desire in their realtors.

The first thing that homebuyers want from their realtor is brutal honesty. Tell them if something on their wish list isn’t realistic. Really determine the “wants” from the “needs” and help your clients understand the reality of the situation.
They also want clear direction. As the expert it is the realtor’s job to explain everything clearly for the client to understand. They want to understand the process, and want the pitfalls and possible outcomes explained thoroughly. Encourage your clients to ask questions.
Clients also want choice. This may sound simple, but don’t be afraid to deviate from the wish list to show them other options than what they asked for. Explain the benefits, maybe this location has better prices and bigger yards. Sometimes people think they know what they want until they see something better!
Just like in any industry, your clients want exceptional service. People want to be treated respectfully and feel important. Make sure that this is a priority!
Another thing your clients will want is professional input. They hired you for a reason. They want to know about school ratings, neighbourhoods, market trends and what is a “good deal.” At the end of the day, it is the client’s decision, but your professional input will ensure that they make an informed one.  
Clients also want their realtors to have a sympathetic ear. An investment this big is stressful and buying and selling can be emotional. They may need your support to help them during the process as they make the transition.
Any client that takes the time to find the right realtor should get all of these things. A realtor with lots of knowledge and experience, that highly values their customers will ensure to be honest, give their clients direction and choice,  will always give their professional input and will provide a sympathetic ear when needed and will always provide exceptional service.

By: Melissa Winter
Article Inspired by: - Daily Real Estate News