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7 Benefits of Working with a Senior Real Estate Specialist

Stress and anticipation are often feelings people experience when buying or selling a home. Having a skilled real estate agent at your disposal can make the entire process much easier. But with the multitude of real estate agents in town, how do you choose the one that is right for you?

Simple. A Senior Real Estate Specialist, or SRES®, is specially trained to represent 50+ clients through the entire buying or selling process.  Selecting an SRES® to work with ensures that you are working with a trustworthy professional, who recognizes your interests as you construct your strategy to age in place.
  • Listening: An SRES® understands that the decision to sell can be difficult, especially for older adults. They will actively listen to every detail that is important to your desires, plans and needs. By helping you to navigate your choices, the SRES® will suggest possible alternatives that may help you stay in your home, stress free.
  • Connection: An SRES® has spent a large chunk of time developing their network in the professions surrounding the real estate business. These include attorneys, insurance agents, estate planners and accountants, all whom are experienced in working with the 50+ clientele. With these connections, the SRES® is well suited to provide professional, accurate, answers to questions.
  • Communication: The SRES® will be there to ensure your understanding of industry terms. With their hefty experience and training, an SRES® can make your experience easy to understand. If you have a question, just ask your SRES®!
  • Patience: Your experience with an SRES® will be one that you cherish. With understanding and patience, an SRES® will guide you through the often intricate selling process comfortably. With their specialty, the SRES® will minimize the stressful demands that a sale has on you by contouring the method to your specific needs.
  • Reliance: An SRES® will guide you through the entire process, from start to finish. They have your best interest in mind, and enjoy working with their clients and helping them have a successful experience.
  • Community ties: An SRES® is knowledgeable in senior housing options in a variety of setting. If you plan on moving to a location outside of the area, and SRES® can connect you to a specialist who can better suit your needs. With an apt awareness of a variety options, an SRES® can reduce expenses or defer income streams to either stay independent or obtain financial assistance.
  • Results: Working with an SRES® will keep your wants and needs in the forefront all while working with you, from start to finish. They will guide you through the process of buying or selling a home in a successful and stress free manner.
As a designated Senior Real Estate Specialist awarded by the SRES Board of Canada, I counsel client’s age 60+ through major financial and lifestyle transitions involving relocating, refinancing, or the sale of a family home. Whether you, a parent, or family member, are making a lifestyle change, I offer genuine solutions, services, and support that make for the smooth transition to down-sizing.

Source: WestMichiganSeniorPartners
Edited By: Melissa Winter